The central place of Ghora Dhaka has a chairlift, which gives a panoramic view of the surroundings. This Chairlift is the first recreation facility of its kind in Pakistan and a major attraction for domestic tourists as well as international tourists.There are a number of rest houses, lodges, private house, guest houses  and hotels at the base station of the Chairlift. It has also a restaurant, souvenir stalls. In Ayubia a large number of small hotels in Ayubia base and even few on Ayubia top. Most of the tourists who are coming from Abbottabad-Nathiagali road first visited Nathiagali and surrounding areas of Nathiagali like Green spot, Paradise point, Lalazar,  Nathiagali Park, Governor house road, nathiagali-bakote road, then their second destination is Dungagali after visiting Dungagali tanks all tourist then visited Ayubia via Dungagali-Ayubia walking track which is only 4 km from Dungagali. After completing a beautiful and lust green natural track tourist reach Ayubia and relax there and then visited Ayubia Chair lift and see panoramic views on Ayubia Chair lift.


  1. i like ayubia too much but at start of this season chair left were not working

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